WES provides a range of services, while adapting to your business environment. Our resourceful corporate team hails from diverse backgrounds across multiple industries including: management and consulting, travel and hospitality, real estate and property management, among many…

We welcome projects of all scales and venues. Our business consultants who work with senior executives and CEO’s strive hard to help them achieve their vision, managing corporate travels upon their requirements.


We will implement a comprehensive plan that will allow you better visibility as to each traveler’s expenses, giving your program the power it needs to accomplish its goal at the most effective rate.

Here’s a small example of what we can offer:
– Global travel planning and management
– Hotel reservations and private meeting rooms
– Reservations at a highly visible restaurant,
– Best seats at national sports’ events (playoffs of the NFL, NBA, and NHL, World Series, U.S. Open and Roland Garros, Daytona 500, Monaco GP…)

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